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We are now offering Body Zorbing parties at our Didsbury venue.

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What to Expect at a Party

Start of the Party

The rules are explained to everyone. These include being told to stay inside the designated area and not to charge into people when they have already been knocked over. Everyone must also remove any sharp objects that are in their pockets.

The Games

We start off by getting everyone used to the Zorbs, which means running around bumping and crashing into people. This is great fun in itself. We rotate players on and off, it is quite physical and you'll be happy with a breather. Depending on the number of players and the length of time for the party, we put everyone into teams and start playing the games.

Happy Birthday

At the end of the party we hand out the party certificates and the birthday child(ren) is given their medal. We all then sing Happy Birthday. You can then move onto your food option.

What should I wear?

Loose clothing and long trousers are the best. Comfortable flat shoes, boots or trainers. Avoid having any valuables on you such as jewellery. You'll also need to remove any sharp objects from your pockets. The BodyZorbing is mainly played outdoors on grass and the weather will not stop us from playing, so if it is damp or wet, a change of clothes and shoes may be appropriate. For the Winter months we'll be getting an indoor inflatable Arena.

Do I need to bring anything?

BodyZorbing is a very energetic activity, so you may want to bring drinks in plastic bottles to keep you hydrated. Depending on the weather, for outdoor events you may want to bring suncream and insect repellent.

What Games can you play with Bodyzorbs?

The BodyZorbs are great fun even if you just want to run around and bump into each other.

However we will also supervise a number of games at your party, for example:

BodyZorb Battle

Run around hitting into others and try to avoid getting hit.

BodyZorb Points Battle

A more structured battle. Each time you knock someone over you get a point, each time you are knocked over you lose a point. The BodyZorb instructor will keep score.

Kick the Can

This is a timed game involving two teams. One team guards the Can in the middle of the playing area, whereas the other team has to charge the Can to try and kick it over. Each team is timed to see how long it takes and the team that completes the task in the shortest amount of time are the winners. This is a great game to play for parents with their children. For example in an 8 player game, we'd put two sets of parent/child in the same team and you get to play as a team with your child.

BodyZorb Sumo

You gain points by knocking your opponent over or knocking them out of the arena.

BodyZorb Football

Football except you can knock each other over to tackle!

BodyZorb Bulldog

A line of BodyZorbers try and stop the Bulldog! You have 45 seconds to get to the other side or you're out!

BodyZorb Tag

Just like normal tag, except with BodyZorbs. You need to knock the Tag over and then you become the Tag. This is a timed game and the player who is the Tag at the end of time, is the winner!