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We are now offering Body Zorbing parties at our Didsbury venue.

Battlefield Live Southport Outdoor combat adventure gaming with infra-red laser guns. Ages 7+

Go Kiddy Karts Manchester Indoor Go Karting parties for 4-9 year olds.

Public events

School Fun Days, Carnivals, Festivals ..

Draw a crowd at your event by booking our BodyZorbs. Children and adults alike can join in and we encourage parents to play with their children.

To operate we need a large flat area, at least 15m x 15m but preferably larger. This needs to be a grass area but we do need it flat. We will cordon off the area to keep spectators safe from the zorb players. The BodyZorbs themselves only take a few minutes to inflate so we only need 30 minutes to set up plus a power supply to inflate the balls. Two trained operators will run the session.

We have two sizes of BodyZorbs. The small ones are suitable for younger children and smaller adults and the larger ones for everyone else. Everyone must be at least 7 years old to BodyZorb. At a public event, we put the players into groups and charge per 5-10 minute play. We tend to keep it to up to ten players at once, so we can have many players in the time we are booked. We can play the game in most weather conditions.

For school bookings, we give the school a percentage of the day's takings so it does not cost the school anything to book us. We also have £5 million Public Liability Cover.

As a company, we have attended hundreds of events and arranged many fun day events for children. Other parts of our business includes Go Kiddy Karts and Battlefield Live Southport.

Format of the Day: School Fun Day

The main format is for us to arrange the players into groups of 10 and they run around bashing into each other. At set times during the hour, we can introduce extra games. We typically do Bulldog and Kick the Can. This can be announced on the loud speakers and we could then run a game for Fathers only, Mothers only, Year 5 only, etc. We can even have kids v their teachers. We get all the parents and children cheering on making lots of noise and excitement. We charge £2 per player.

Format of the Day: Festivals & Carnival

We arrange players into groups of up to 10 of a similar age group or a mixture of children with their parent(s). The session is timed and then we rotate to get the next group on.

BodyZorbs are ideal for

  • Children's parties
  • Corporate activity days
  • Stag/Hen Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Fun Days
  • School Fairs
  • School PE lessons
  • Leisure centre activity sessions
  • Festivals and Fetes
  • Scouts
  • - in fact any event where there is a suitable space.